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For the Town of Bedford – November 2017


Party endorses Kyle Carleton and MaryEllen McLaughlin for Town Board.

June 11, 2017 – The Bedford Republican Committee unveiled its local slate of candidates for November’s election in front of family, friends and elected officials at a special Flag Day event at a private home in Bedford this past Sunday. The Committee unanimously endorsed Town Justice Erik Jacobsen and Town Clerk Boo Fumagalli for reelection, along with Kyle Carleton and MaryEllen McLaughlin for Town Board.

Tom Kennedy, Bedford Republican Chair said, “I am excited about our local slate. They are locally focused, each with a long record of serving our community and with unique skill set needed to serve our town. They know what it takes to keep Bedford Bedford.”

About MaryEllen McLaughlin

A Katonah native, McLaughlin resides in the hamlet with her husband Doug, where the couple raised three children.  Clare, 24, works in analytics while Dan, 22, is a mechanical engineer and Grace, 20, is studying computer engineering at Trinity Dublin.

The software engineer with Mt. Kisco-based Curtis Instruments says she is running for Town Board in order to represent those she cares about most—her friends and neighbors.

“I think we need to treat each other as neighbors again,” McLaughlin said. “We are a varied community with differing and strong opinions, which is great. I think I am good at listening even when someone’s views are not necessarily that of my own. I worry with the national political climate that people are becoming less likely to listen to differing opinions. In Bedford, the town should be about neighbors not politics. I am a registered Democrat. I am excited to run on the Republican ticket because all of these people have given great service to Bedford and really care about our town. I don’t think much needs to change in Bedford and when changes are proposed we need to really stop and think and talk to our neighbors before we make a change.”

About Kyle Carleton

Kyle lives with his wife Amber and their young daughter, Isla, in Bedford Village where he serves as a Fire Commissioner, Firefighter and EMT. Having lived in Bedford Village for five years, he works in Compliance Advisory for a French investment bank in Manhattan. Prior to coming to Bedford, he lived in New York City and London.

A Republican who grew up in a strong union and Democratic household, Kyle says he is running for Town Board to ensure Bedford remains a place where neighbors care for neighbor and the town continues to prosper.

 “Simply put, it’s a matter of civic duty and civic pride,” he said. “I am honored on a daily basis to serve as a Fire Commissioner, Firefighter and EMT alongside men and women across the three villages who gladly volunteer their time to ensure their neighbors are safe and town is secure. Serving on the Town Board would be a natural extension of this duty and pride, doing my part to continue to give to our great town. I am also running so my daughter can experience the town my wife and I were excited to move to before she was even born—a charming place that holds our values.”

Kyle said he is proud to put his name on the Bedford GOP ticket because the party has a history of transcending party lines and focusing only on local issues.

“There is a history of nominating people from across the spectrum with the understanding that caring for our neighbors, neighborhoods, villages, and Town transcend party lines and national matters,” he said. “Plus, serving at a local level is the truest form of accountability because every day you must face those you have promised to represent.


For Westchester County:

Francis Corcoran
for Westchester County Legislature

Bedford Town Councilmember Francis CorcoranI’m running to represent Westchester’s District 2 in White Plains (Bedford, Mount Kisco, Pound Ridge, North Salem, Lewisboro and part of Somers) because I want what’s best for our County. Westchester is where I grew up, went to school, met my wife, and raised my daughters; this is my home, and it’s been good to me.

However, I also want it to be a place where others can live that dream, and it’s getting harder and harder. Westchester is becoming unaffordable (including the highest property tax load in the United States); the federal government won’t allow us to govern ourselves as we know best; and our open spaces, environment and quality of life are in constant need of preservation.

What’s worse, the atmosphere in the County Legislature has become toxic, killing the bipartisan spirit that has marked my 12 years on the Bedford Town Board.

Francis Corcoran for Westchester County Legislature
With your support, I will revive that spirit of bipartisanship in White Plains, and help restore the dream my family and I have made for ourselves in Westchester. I will work hard to help make it available once again to everyone: teachers, first responders, single parents, working families…everyone.

In that spirit, I ask for your help on the campaign trail, and your vote in November. Let’s all work together to make the Westchester dream real again for all.

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