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Socialists’ Way to Win

From Axios: America isn't a socialist nation, and the Democratic Party isn't a socialist party. But after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s shock win in New York, a growing number of Democrats are pushing a formula to try to nudge the nation and the party in Bernie Sanders'...

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Media Bias Extends Beyond Politics

From Axios: Several recent major non-political news stories show that collective bias by the mainstream media goes beyond politics, seeping into issues of race, climate and terrorism, Axios media expert Sara Fischer writes: Why it matters: Collective media bias can...

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County Passes “Immigrant Protection Act”

Despite its name, the Immigrant Protection Act does not provide new protections for our immigrant community. In fact, the IPA, as it is written, protects criminals while putting innocent people in greater danger. The IPA is designed specifically to do only two things;...

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