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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor: I recently met Bedford Town Board Candidates Mary Ellen McLaughlin and Kyle Carleton. Their experience, involvement and dedication to community is impressive. They present a non-partisan choice. Mary Ellen is a registered Democrat and Kyle is registered...

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Corcoran Wins Primary Vote

Francis Corcoran won the recent Independence party primary election against his Democrat opponent.  Francis will now be running on 4 lines in the November election.  Republican, Conservative, Reform and Independence. He won 93 to 67.

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Westchester County Executive Robert P. Astorino new order says that county law enforcement will “continue to cooperate with federal authorities in investigating and apprehending aliens involved in criminal activity,” but will be prohibited, as has been the policy...

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Airport Privatization Factually Based Information

Rob Astorino's move to privatize Westchester County Airport has been getting a lot of press lately.  Unfortunately many of the citizens that border the airport have been twisting some of the information.  Flyer was recently mailed out by the county explaining some of...

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County Executive Says Act Unnecessarily Risks Public Safety and Would Handcuff Police Westchester County Executive Robert P. Astorino today vetoed a sanctuary county law passed last week by the Board of Legislators, saying in his veto message that the Act “endangers...

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Record Review Letter by GOP District Leader

The Bedford Record Review published Carl Vandemark's letter concerning Francis Corcoran's recent vote on the so-called immigration protection act. County Legislator Francis Corcoran deserves many kudos and thanks from our town members concerning his recent vote...

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