In George Latimer’s World: Women Are “Babes” and Taxpayers Fools County Executive Owes Constituent an Apology

In George Latimer’s World: Women Are “Babes” and Taxpayers Fools County Executive Owes Constituent an Apology

When is it ok to make misogynistic comments? When they are directed at a Republican woman and made by the Democrat County Executive George Latimer.

Sadly, this is all part of a pattern of double standards, double talk and double-digit taxation that have become the hallmarks of Westchester Democrats since they brought one-party rule to the County Executive’s Office and County Board of Legislators.

Double Standard

County Executive Latimer recently went after a woman on Facebook – Denise Ward, a Republican who among her many accomplishments happens to be the Secretary of the Westchester County Bar Association – calling her “Denise Baby” and threatening her like a stalker.

“I am watching every single move you make, and we will be there every single time to call out your BS and beat you at the polls,” Latimer wrote, closing with, “Count on a full response for every attack you generate. Full and complete response. Denise Baby.”

Imagine if any Republican said this – let alone the county’s highest elected official. The outrage from Democrats would be loud and fierce, as it should be. Instead deafening silence.

Double Talk

You would think Indivisible Westchester would have the courage to speak out. After all, they are for all women, all the time. Right? Wrong, if the women are Republicans. The most indignation their cofounder Shannon Powell could muster when interviewed by the Journal News was “interactions via Facebook are often times counterproductive.” Now, there is a “Profile in Courage.” Republican women, Indivisible Westchester has got your back – NOT.

Double-digit Tax Increase

Latimer’s attack on women can be traced back to his sensitivity about raising your taxes. Maybe his emotions wouldn’t need a trigger warning if he simply leveled with people and called the recent sales tax increase what it is – a tax increase – instead of taking the public for fools and calling it a “property taxpayer protection act.”

Taking more money from the left pocket does not protect the right pocket. When taxes go up, there is less money in the pockets of taxpayers. Full stop. And don’t believe the Democrats’ line that it is only a penny increase. The penny is not a penny. It’s $98 million leaving the pockets of taxpayers for the unaccountable coffers of the Democrat-controlled county government. Do the math. The Democrats’ penny represents a one-percentage point increase in the current sales tax from 7.375 percent to 8.375 percent. But that’s a 13.5 percent increase in the sale tax rate. And one more thing, which as a Republican I am only too happy to remind the Democrats about: any increase in the sales tax hits the poor hardest.

The way to protect taxpayers is to promote prosperity for all by partnering with businesses, large and small, to grow the economy and create private sector jobs. That was the Republican record under Rob Astorino before George Latimer took office. Time to stop the double standards, double talk and double-digit tax increases. Time for George Latimer to apologize to Denise Ward. Let’s bring back civility to Westchester.

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