Cuomo “Green Lights” Drivers’ Licenses for Illegal Aliens – A Slap in the Face to New York’s Citizens

Cuomo “Green Lights” Drivers’ Licenses for Illegal Aliens – A Slap in the Face to New York’s Citizens

Westchester Republican County Committee Chairman Douglas Colety said, ‘In the latest slap in the face to New York’s citizens (and common sense), Governor Cuomo and his radical, reality-free Democrats have passed a law giving drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants.’

‘The “Green Light” law, which is a multi-car crack up in the making, begs the question how much stupidity can one piece of legislation contain? It is hostile to the rule of law, creates yet another unfunded Albany mandate, diverts scarce resources away from our citizens and invites voter fraud. No wonder polls show a majority of New Yorkers oppose the law.

‘New York’s socialist politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez love to signal themselves as virtuous, but their goal is no different than the secessionists of the Civil War South – nullify federal laws when they get in the way. The contortions this new law goes through to put immigration officials and county clerks in straightjackets would make Harry Houdini proud.

‘Here’s a sample: Immigration officials need a court order to look at information on the licenses, foreign documents can be used by illegal immigrants as proof of identity, and the job of vetting the documents has been outsourced to county clerks, who say they don’t have the money or staff to open up mini State Departments to engage with embassies around the world. One county clerk has already sued fearing enforcement violates federal law, putting all clerks at risk of prosecution because it is “a crime to conceal, harbor or shield an illegal alien.”

‘There’s more. Fraudulent voter registration by non-citizens is as easy as presenting the new licenses as identification, and it can all be done in a “one-stop shop” at the Department of Motor Vehicles when a license is issued. Even the law’s Democrat sponsor acknowledges the heightened risk of fraud.

‘Our immigration system is broken. Rewarding illegal behavior with drivers’ licenses and invitations to voter fraud will only produce more chaos and delay real reform. Sadly, Westchester Democrats set the groundwork for this fiasco by turning Westchester into a Sanctuary County.

‘The Democrats’ “Irreparable Harm Tour” continues. It’s time for a Stop Sign.’

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