Elected Officials

A party is defined by the candidates and elected officials it supports.  We are proud to have supported these public servants in their successful runs for elective office.

In the Town of Bedford

Boo Fumagalli
Bedford Town Clerk

Bedford Town Clerk Boo FumagalliBoo has served as Town Clerk for 12 years and was most-recently re-elected with a 21% margin in 2013.

The Town Clerk acts as custodian for all Town records. Boo’s office is also a central place for people to call or visit when they’re don’t know who else to call — or see — about a problem.

With her deep experience, Boo is often a sought-after source amongst her town clerk peers. She shares and benefits from her follow clerks as President of the Westchester Clerk Association and as a District Director for the New York State Town Clerk’s Association as well as serving on its Executive Committee.

Boo has lived her entire life in Bedford. She grew up in Katonah and now lives in Bedford Hills. She served for 7 years on the Katonah Lewisboro School Board and 3 years as its President. She is also a long-time member and past President of the Katonah Village Improvement Society (KVIS), Vice President of the Bedford Hills Neighborhood Association, member of the Bedford Hills Lions Club, Bedford Hills and Katonah Women’s Clubs and Rotary International.

“My philosophy is that the job description here is ‘whatever it takes,’ and I will do whatever is required to serve the residents of Bedford.”

Hon. Erik Jacobsen
Bedford Town Justice

Bedford Town Justice Erik JacobsenErik has begun his second term as town justice and was most-recently re-elected with an 11% margin in 2013.

The Bedford Town Court holds sessions of Criminal Court, Civil Court and Traffic Court. Erik’s primary motivation is to the families of Bedford and the young people that come before him. He likes to say the court is the only business in town that doesn’t want repeat customers.

Erik was re-elected largely because of his experience, having worked in local courts for over 20 years and because of his involvement with the Drug and Alcohol Council. Before his election, Erik worked every Thursday night in the local criminal court representing families that could not afford their own attorney.

Erik grew up in Bedford Village and now lives in Bedford Hills with his wife Janet. He has a deep committment to his community, from being an Eagle Scout as a young man to serving on the Advisory Board of the Town’s Recreation and Parks Department, to serving on the Board of the Bedford Historic Society and being an active member in the Bedford Riding Lanes Association and Bedford Hills Neighborhood Association. His parents also still live in town.

“I want the families of Bedford to know that the Court is here to assist them.”

Lee Roberts
Bedford Town Councilmember

Lee RobertsOne of the most accomplished municipal officials in the country, Lee Roberts’ life has been dedicated to public service. Lee served as a Town Board Member in Bedford from 1994 until 2003, when she was sworn in as the Supervisor. She served until her retirement in January of 2014.

Outside of government, Lee has always been incredibly active in the community, having served with pride the Katonah Presbyterian Church, the PTA, the Katonah Village Library Board and the Village Improvement Society (KVIS). She is a founding member of ALOFT, an organization promoting aging in place, and became an active board member of Friends in Service Helping (FISH), providing rides for the elderly.

Through her volunteer work with the Bedford Hills and Katonah Women’s Civic Clubs, Ms. Robert’s commitment to her community continues to grow. Each month, she volunteers in their thrift shop; was a coalition member of AHOME, an affordable housing advocacy group, and was recently elected to the Boards of the Community Center of Northern Westchester and the Westchester Community Foundation.

As Supervisor, Lee served as a President and Executive Board member of the Westchester Municipal Officials Association, as well as other organizations devoted to helping local officials serve their constituents. Under her watch, Bedford formed the not-for-profit, NWEAC, to raise environmental awareness – with the goal of achieving a 20% energy reduction by the year 2020.

Don Scott
Bedford Town Councilmember

Don ScottDon Scott was elected with 56% of the vote in November 2014. He has long been active in the community. Until his election, Don served on the town’s Wetlands Control Commission and as a Katonah Fire Commissioner. He formerly served as the President of the Katonah-Lewisboro School Board.

During the campaign Don said “We must do everything we can to support and encourage the community organizations that make Bedford so special. We have to work together, streamlining what we do.

“We must eliminate bureaucracy and continue to deliver outstanding services at the same or lower cost. This can only happen if we reach out and engage everyone in this community: Taxpayers. Town employees. Union leaders. Community groups. Business owners. Everyone has to be involved.”

“I am more committed than ever to serving Bedford and know that I can help. Working together, we need to improve the service we deliver for our residents while addressing our fiscal challenges.”


Interested in running for office?  There are elections at all levels of government — town, county, state and federal — every year.  Contact us to learn more!

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