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Meet Harry Wilson

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187 Jay Street, Katonah, NY, United States, 10536

Come and Meet Harry Wilson in Katonah

One of the races that most people don’t focus on (ever) is the one for State Comptroller. It is a hugely powerful position. Among other things, the Comptroller is the sole trustee for the massive NY state pension system. It’s a position that has been routinely abused by the corrupt and stupid, and you and I pay the price.

Don’t believe me? The Bedford Central School District is looking at a mandatory $10 million payment into the pension fund because it has done so poorly. You can look forward to that hitting your taxes next spring, thank you very much.

The pension fund has been getting allocating, for years, to those who “pay to play.” Pay to play is a polite way to say “bribe.”

We need someone who is honest, and who actually understands what, say, a yield curve is. Fortunately, that person is running in the form of Harry Wilson. Awesome resume…Harvard (won’t hold that against him), Goldman, Blackstone…he’s worked with distressed companies, and that’s basically what we’re dealing with here, thanks to decades of fiscal abuse.

Harry’s coming to Bedford, so please consider coming to meet him. Friday evening the 24th. I’ll be there, and I hope to see you. If you can’t come, perhaps you can give a few wasabis. Here’s Harry’s website:

Wilson For New York

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