Dear Editor:

I recently met Bedford Town Board Candidates Mary Ellen McLaughlin and Kyle Carleton. Their experience, involvement and dedication to community is impressive. They present a non-partisan choice. Mary Ellen is a registered Democrat and Kyle is registered Republican, but both were quick to point out that their party affiliation is not what defines them. That seems like a breath of fresh air these days.

Mary Ellen grew up in Katonah with her six brothers. Being the only girl with six brothers prepares you for everything that may come your way. Her Mom and Dad have been pillars of the community, deeply involved in many organizations in town. Her late Father Don Devey was the Affordable Housing Chairman for Bedford and the President of the Blue Mountain Housing. He was also one of the founders Community Center. It is easy to see where Mary Ellen gets her ethic for service. She has continued her family’s legacy by serving as a Board Member and a volunteer at The Community Center. She is an active volunteer at St. Mary’s Parish as well.

Community Service is a core value of Kyle Carleton too. When he and wife Amber moved Bedford Village to raise their family, one of the first things he did was knock on the door of the Bedford Fire Department to see how he could help. He is a joiner and a doer. He is now a firefighter and an EMT. A few years after joining the Department, he was elected Fire Commissioner, a testament to the respect he has earned from his peers. Bedford Village needs a representative on our board. Currently, none of the Town Board members or an of the other candidates hail from Bedford Village.

Mary Ellen and Kyle present a dedicated, non-partisan team. Just the ticket that deserves our support. I hope you will join me in supporting them.

Thank You,
Dr. Luisa M. Iadeluca,

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