We in the Bedford Republican Party make it our mission to nominate and elect officials committed to our party’s core principles and philosophy as they apply to good local governance:

  • Open, Accessible Government: The only way any government, and especially local government, can have the confidence of the Town is if the operations and deliberations of all boards, commissions and agencies are completely transparent to public scrutiny. There is no place for secret deliberations or hidden agendas. Accessible government means, to us, seeking out volunteers (without regard to political party affiliation) who are interested in being a part of Town government, through service on the Town’s volunteer boards and commissions, and also by opening up the political process to citizens who are interested in participating in public office. Open government also means open-minded government. We know that we don’t have all the answers, and we will listen to all ideas, including those coming from other political perspectives, to avoid the pitfalls of complacency.
  • Environment: The Bedford Republicans are dedicated to the preservation of the Town’s physical environment, which is what makes Bedford such a special place to live and bring up families. To this end, we pledge strict enforcement of the laws protecting this environment, and the development and administration of wise policies of environmental administration and enforcement that balance environmental needs with the burden that environmental stewardship places on property owners. We will support continued acquisition of strategic open space parcels, and the preservation of our historic heritage.
  • Property Taxes: Along with protecting the environment and the rights of property owners, the Bedford Republicans recognize that property taxes are a heavy burden on homeowners, and that keeping those taxes down should be a primary goal of local government. The record of the Bedford Republicans in controlling the spending of Town Government is good, but we recognize that we can’t rest on our laurels, and we must do better. We recognize that school taxes, which form more than two thirds of local property taxes, have risen sharply, and that many middle-class and working families, as well as seniors, can’t afford to live here any more.
  • Property Values: The Bedford Republicans recognize that protecting the value of our homes is one of the primary goals of local government. To us, this means keeping taxes low, improving Town services and safeguarding the amenities which draw people to consider living in Bedford in the first place. It means keeping first-rate public recreation a reality for all citizens in Bedford.
  • Security: The Bedford Republicans believe that we live in a dangerous age, and that our security starts at home with a strong, vigilant, well trained and well equipped Town police department. We recognize that Bedford is a “crossroads,” with interstate, state and county highways to be vigorously patrolled. We will continue to place a high priority on local police coordination with State and County police departments. We support enhanced training for our officers to enable them to cope with all potential challenges to the peace and stability of our neighborhoods.
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