New York State Assembly Candidate, John Nuculovic Interview conducted byTAPinto

What issues are at the forefront for Westchester County right now?

Taxes, schools and jobs. Westchester is perhaps one of the most expensive places to live in New York State. The New York State income tax rate is obscene for any working person in this county.

We need to adjust the way unfunded mandates are handled. Our schools are the reason why many make the move to Westchester. We need to make sure we restore foundation aid and support parents who want to opt out their children from state testing. As the father of elementary school children, I see the anxiety all these tests are causing children and the new methodology of teaching has left parents unable to help with even elementary math homework. We need to support our educators and our schools and stop hijacking money from Westchester schools that we rightfully deserve. I want comprehensive industrial development agency reform. The current corporate welfare system doesn’t help working families. We need stronger claw back provisions, guarantees on local hiring of all subsidized construction projects, and better planning and oversite of where all the money is going instead of lining the pockets of the governor’s friends as seen in the recent Percoco scandal.

What are some challenges you see in the Assembly getting legislation passed?

The Assembly has a Democratic supermajority. If elected, I plan to work like the former assemblyman, the great Robert Castelli, and reach across the aisle for better representation of Westchester values in Albany. We need to work, not fight over who has what letter next to their name.

Why are you the best candidate for the position?

I want to use my experience in the military, as a professor and as an asset manager to track every dollar in the New York state budget. We need better accountability in Albany, we need less political posturing, and we need to stop the corruption cycle that’s permeating Albany with pay for play, corrupt land deals and an overemphasis on limiting New Yorkers’ individual liberties.



Submitted: Dr. Luisa M. Iadeluca

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