Statement from NYGOP Chairman Nick Langworthy on Cuomo’s Plans to Make Bail Reform Changes in New York State Budget February 25, 2020 

“The Governor’s misuse of the state budget process to ram through serious and consequential public policy is exactly what created this debacle to begin with. Democrats’ bail and discovery ‘reforms’ were a looming public safety nightmare that likely would have never become law if they were passed as stand alone bills and allowed the proper hearings and scrutiny from the public and law enforcement. 

“Governor Cuomo is the architect of this mess; he’s not interested in fixing it, he’s interested in political window dressing that will stem the tide of his bleeding poll numbers. 

“The only way to stop the damage of these new laws is to repeal them immediately and start from scratch, inviting the public and law enforcement to the table to create meaningful reform that protects the public safety of New Yorkers. It’s the government’s number one job and the Democrats in charge are failing miserably.” 

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