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How Does George Latimer Explain Blatant Lie to Taxpayers?

Westchester–Sept. 13…Politifact, the nonpartisan campaign watchdog, has ruled that Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino has never once raised the Westchester  County property tax levy, directly refuting an ugly misinformation campaign launched today by Albany politician George Latimer. Mr. Latimer, a 30-year career politician infamous for raising taxes, is now running for county executive.

Here’s what Politifact wrote:

Astorino said “I have never once raised the county tax levy — not for seven straight years.”He’s right, according to the county’s budget department and the New York State Comptroller’s Office. He has proposed seven budgets, all of which either kept the tax levy flat or lowered it.

We rate Astorino’s claim as True.

“George Latimer just launched a vicious negative campaign based on a blatant and demonstrable lie to Westchester taxpayers,”said Astorino campaign spokesman William O’Reilly. “Latimer did it because he’s been massively raising taxes on Westchester families for 30 years and he’s trying to shift the blame with mistruths.

“Let’s be perfectly clear on this: County Executive Rob Astorino has never once raised the County tax levy — for seven, going on eight years now. He actually cut the property tax levy by two percent; it is less today than it was in 201o when Mr. Astorino was elected, thanks to his strong fiscal discipline.

“How does George Latimer explain his blatant lie today to Westchester taxpayers?”

The Politifact ruling can read in full here.

***The annual Westchester County Property Tax Levy was $560 million in 2010 when County Executive Astorino entered office. It is $548 million today.

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