Westchester Democrat Committees Have Contempt for Voters

I am proudly not registered for any political party.  None of them reflect my values in totality, so I will never “take sides.”  I have voted for candidates from both major parties, as well as independents and I plan to follow this formula for the rest of my days on earth.  I was aghast at the election of Donald Trump in 2016.  However, I had similar feelings last month, at the town and county level here in Westchester.  It seems that Democratic bosses successfully capitalized on the disgust many of us have for the destructive narcissist in the oval office, yet put up candidates who share his character flaws.  I am embarrassed all over again.

George Latimer, current NY State Senator and county executive-elect is a tax cheat, publicly unfaithful to his wife and illegally drives around in a car that lost its registration because of his thousands of dollars in unpaid parking tickets.  He is corrupt in the classic sense.  As Senator, he voted against our NY State tax cap, he voted for the GEA that crippled our school districts, robbing them of millions in state funds and he raised taxes on his constituents — the most heavily taxed Americans in the land.  He even pledged to raise county taxes if elected.  This is who they tapped to run a county of 1 million people?  Rob Astorino is nothing like Donald J. Trump.  Yet, he was targeted as so.  Mr. Astorino was ridiculed for fighting back against HUD, told he would bankrupt Westchester doing it.  Instead, he defied the naysayers, showed principled leadership, fought back against an overreach from the federal government and WON, saving Westchester county billions in home value.  In a rarity for any politician, he kept his signature promise to never raise the county tax rate.  I, like so many, expected this promise to be kept for maybe a couple of years.  Mr. Astorino kept it for all eight years he was in office.  This is the record and man the Democrats implored us to vote against.

Closer to home, Bedford Democrats were perfectly content to celebrate and campaign for a board member and candidate, Mary Ann Carr, who is as dishonest and divisive as they come.  Katonah business owners have complained of Ms. Carr’s bounced checks for years.  The Bedford Hills Neighborhood Association reported Ms. Carr as never having attended or helped at any of their events, even though she bragged about this service on her resume.  Ms. Carr attended school board meetings where she told audience members that they had “white privilege.”  And then weeks before this year’s election came the most troubling information of all:  Mary Ann Carr bilked an 80-year old retired school teacher, Thea Fry, of tens of thousands of dollars and an entire condominium.  The reveal of the court documents detailing her overwhelming guilt in this “private matter” was dismissed by Bedford’s Democratic committee as some partisan trick, but what is truly dirty is that we are now learning that Ms. Fry (who sat ON the Bedford Democratic Committee) told Supervisor Burdick two years ago what Ms. Carr had done to her and how could he possibly support such a person.  Not only did Ms. Carr fail all minimum standards, but so too has Supervisor Burdick and the rest of the Bedford Democratic Committee.  Ms. Carr won easily, which is truly appalling.

In Pound Ridge, where I rent a home, the Democrats recruited a tax receiver candidate whose husband was at the height of desperation, as the walls of his Ponzi scheme were nearing collapse.  They wanted us to believe Ms. Scronic ran for the one job in town where you handle checks made out to the person who holds this position, while clueless as to what was happening in her own home for nearly a decade.  She pulled out of the race, but still got around 40% of the vote!  Their supervisor candidate had never volunteered for anything in 20 years, but somehow thought he was qualified to run the town.  His persona is one of “nice guy,” but look under the hood and you discover the untoward.  Mr. Hansan was pushed out his dealings with Westchester ARC for overcharging them for his services, losing the charity almost one million dollars on a business unit he promised would be profitable.  When he learned that his services would not be renewed, he sabotaged the digital platform he created for them on his way out.  He now holds the top position in Pound Ridge.  Their one board incumbent on the ticket, Mr. Paschkes has been the potted plant of the town council for 16 long years.  He has accomplished nothing.  His own committee attempted to push him off their ticket in two of the last four elections.  He touts his Lions Club service as a way he has given back to the community, yet he has been to one meeting in 18 months.  His personal finances are disastrous.  He allowed his family home to fall into such disrepair and dilapidation that there was a near mutiny in his neighborhood.  This bad penny has been gifted 4 more years on our town’s board.  The entire ticket was an insult to anyone living in Pound Ridge who was paying attention to the details and who expected public servants to actually serve the community in any meaningful way before asking for full control of the town.  They all won and I pray they don’t take Pound Ridge down with them.

In my 17 years here in Westchester, I have never witnessed so many candidates with so many personal and financial issues on the ballot at the same time.  Even with such disqualifying flaws, they were audacious enough to ask the voting public to give them their support.  How their committees proudly presented them as viable options to our residents has left me mystified.  We deserved better than this.

We were duped on November 7, cutting our nose to spite our face, too many of us voting for people whose #1 “qualification” was how much they hated Donald Trump, yet had no real credentials needed to run the towns and county we live in.  Westchester residents will regret this.

Timothy Seager
Pound Ridge, NY

December 6, 2017

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