The April 24th special election Senate race between Republican Julie Killian and Democrat Shelley Mayer could change the power structure of New York.  The Republicans hold a one-person majority in the Senate while Democrats run the Assembly.  Balance of power is important, so too is a voice for Bedford in Albany.

What does a Shelley Mayer victory mean for Bedford?  Precious little. Shelley Mayer is currently an assemblywoman serving Yonkers.  She was chief counsel to Senate Democrats from 2007 to 2011 when disgraced leaders Malcolm Smith and John Sampson controlled it.  Both were convicted of corruption.  As assemblywoman, she was vocal in her support for another disgraced leader, Speaker Sheldon Silver.  Mr. Silver provided hush money to silence victims of sexual harassment by serial sexual predator and close friend of Ms. Mayer, Assemblyman Vito Lopez.   When Mr. Silver came under the line of fire, the Honorable Mayer was quoted as saying, “I am a total supporter of the speaker as a leader.”

Bedford residents have much to gain with a Julie Killian victory.  Ms. Killian understands our local communities.  The mother of five spent six years as a Rye city councilwoman, balancing the municipal budget each year.  She listens to our concerns and will work to find solutions to our everyday concerns: equitable school-funding system, I-684 road repair, and the elimination unfunded mandates. Julie has already put pressure on Albany to finally fund the dangerous and loud section of 684 through Katonah and organized a press conference overlooking the roadway.

Ms. Killian aims to improve lives and promote small business. Ms. Mayer, a down county resident who only understands Yonkers, aims for a higher Progressive agenda to promote her name.   The Honorable Mayer ranks 0% by the New York National Federation of Independent Business.  Her Honor also supports free college tuition and promotes more taxpayer subsidies for illegal immigrants and the kid-glove treatment from law enforcement for illegal immigrant criminals.

Your vote for Julie Killian on April 24 is crucial. Republicans need to hold the Senate majority to keep the governor and Assembly in check. We must maintain balance in the state by electing Julie Killian to Senate.  Then we must do it again in November when the state legislators campaign for new two-year terms.

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