The Town has vacancies on several of its advisory boards and committees. This is a great way to get involved and to get experience with town government while giving back at the same time. If any of these positions are interest you, please shoot me an email ASAP and I’ll put you in touch with the right people!

Wetlands Control Commission (1 opening)
The Wetlands Control Commission is responsible for the implementation of the Freshwater Wetlands Protection Law, adopted by the Town of Bedford in 1973, to preserve and protect the wetlands and wetland buffer of the Town so they continue in their natural function as water supply areas, irreplaceable repositories of natural life and to protect property from damage caused by flooding. A permit must be secured from the Commission whenever construction, excavation, grade changes or vegetation removal is proposed within 100 feet of a wetland.

Open Space Acquisition Committee (1 opening)
This committee was formed as part of the Town’s commitment to preserve open space and is comprised of seven members appointed by the Town Board. This committee reviews potential sites that may be acquired by the Town of Bedford for open space.

Conservation Board (1 opening)
The Conservation Board was created by the Town of Bedford’s Town Board in 1969 to act in an advisory capacity. In this role it provides environmental and conservation related information to the Town Board, Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals, the Wetlands Control Commission as well as other town agencies.

Communications Committee (2 openings)

Recreation and Parks Advisory Board (1 opening for a Bedford Hills Resident)
This group is advisory to the Recreation staff and helps with the planning and promotion of recreational activities for all ages in all the hamlets. The nine members represent a cross section of the community and are always open to new ideas.

Tree Advisory Board (2 openings)
The Tree Advisory Board was established for the purpose of advising the Enforcement Officer, Building Inspector, Planning Board, Wetlands Control Commission, Town Board, Highway Department, Recreation Department and other agencies and offices of the Town on matters relating to the preservation, planting and removal of trees.

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