A Westchester County Bill called, “Earned Sick Leave for Certain Employees”, approved by a measure of 12-5 requires companies with five or more employees to provide at least an hour of paid sick time for every 30 hours worked. The legislation is expected to go into affect in six months.

According to the Lohud article, John Ravitz, of the Business Council of Westchester, questioned the need for the law. The article states, “Setting the threshold at five employees could adversely affect small businesses. It could also dampen owners from hiring more employees, increasing wages and offering other compensation.” And, “Passing the earned paid sick leave legislation, which is a mandate, and will have numerous unintended consequences to businesses daily, sends a message to employers that in Westchester County, government will determine how they manage their workforce,” Ravitz said. “Creating that type of environment will not help those of us who are serious about bringing more permanent jobs to Westchester.”

The Lohud article states, “If a business is found to have violated the law, it could be made to pay three times the amount they would have paid for the sick time, $500 for each instance of time denied, or other penalties.”

By: Dr. Luisa M. Iadeluca

the Lohud article: https://www.lohud.com/story/news/local/westchester/2018/10/01/westchester-paid-sick-leave/1471331002/

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